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Child Support

How Child Support Attorney Can Help For Joint Custody In Houston?
  • Published: December 14, 2022

Do I need a lawyer before I initiate a lawsuit or reply to a claim that has been brought against me? is one of the most often asked legal questions. Our society does not hold highly regarded attorneys. I'll let you decide on whether or not this repute is merited. However, I believe that most individuals would rather not have to deal with attorneys frequently—at least, not until you actually need their assistance. I have the sense that many individuals are shocked to learn they are dealing with everyday people just like them after encountering one of our lawyers in Houston. You and your spouse's kid's birth was such a wonderful and exciting event. Your children have improved your life in a positive way and added to its fulfilment and significance. You truly adore being a mom, but your relationship is struggling. The love has diminished, or maybe you and…Read More

How To Avoid Rookies’ Child Support Modification Mistakes
  • Published: October 27, 2022

Modifying your child support agreement in Texas is a process that begins with filing a petition with the court. Once you've done that, you'll need to notify the other parent of the hearing date and exchange financial information. The process can be complicated, but there are ways to make it simpler. In this article, we'll discuss the worst mistakes Texas rookies make when modifying their child support agreement - and how to avoid them. Not Hiring A Family Law Attorney If you are going through a child support modification in Texas, the worst mistake you can make is not hiring a family law attorney. There are many complex laws involved in child support modification cases, and an experienced attorney can help you navigate the process and protect your rights. without an attorney, you are at a disadvantage and may end up making mistakes that could cost you dearly in the…Read More

How Child Support Attorney Can Help For Joint Custody In Houston?
  • Published: October 25, 2022

If you are a parent who is seeking joint custody of your children in Houston, you may be wondering how a child support attorney can help you. This article will explain the role of a child support attorney in joint custody cases and how they can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your family. If you are a non-custodial parent, you might have to pay child support to the custodial parent. In a joint custody arrangement, both parents share custody of the child and usually have a 50-50 parenting time schedule. What Is Child Support? Child support is the sum of money that a court requires a parent, or both parents, to pay each month to assist in covering the child's support and living costs. In other terms, child support is a court-ordered payment made by one parent to the other parent for the support of their child…Read More

Child Support Factors In 154.123 Of The Texas Family Code
  • Published: July 31, 2022

In Texas, the family code dictates the factors that are used to calculate child support payments. 154.123 of the family code outlines all of these factors. This can be helpful for parents who are trying to get an idea of how much they may have to pay in child support or how much they may be able to receive in child support. In this blog post, we will discuss all of the child support factors outlined in 154.123 of the Texas Family Code! 154.123 of the Texas Family Code lists all of the following factors that are to be considered when calculating child support: The age and needs of the child The ability of each parent to meet the needs of the child The amount of time each parent spends with the child The financial resources of each parent Any special needs of the child Any other factor that is…Read More

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